User Guide

For an introduction on how to use the Data Catalogue see this video:

How to get started with the Data Catalogue

Go to the Pacific Data Hub home page

You will be redirected to the Data Catalogue when you make your data search either using the Search bar or the Shortcuts located below.

Search data

In this example we have typed "cyclone" in the search bar and redirected to the Data Catalogue

We can order our results by relevance, popularity, name or last modification using the Order by button

To narrow down the data search we can use the filtering tools located on the left. The filters available are Topic, Member countries, Organisations, Tags, Formats, Dataset type and Licenses.

Explore inside the dataset

Once you have found the dataset you are looking for, click on it to open the Dataset screen.

  • On top of the screen you will find the dataset's title and description.

  • You can export the metadata by clicking on the Export Metadata button located below the description.

  • Metadata can be accessed on the bottom of the page.

  • A number of different data resources with various formats can be linked to the dataset.

  • Click on the resources to access the resource page where you will find the description, a preview pane and a download link.

  • Different preview screens are available depending on the format of the file.

  • At the bottom of the file you will find shortcuts to access the other resources linked to the dataset.

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