A spatial data exploration tool for everyone

PacificMap is a platform developed by CSIRO Data61 and the Pacific Data Hub (PDH) in collaboration with the Pacific Community (SPC), as part of the Asia - Pacific Data for Development Initiative (D4D). The PacificMap is a platform for map-based access to spatial data from 22 Pacific Island Countries and Territories. It aims to lower the barrier and enhance access to timely, relevant and useful data for government and non-government organisations, research and academic institutions, businesses and communities throughout the Pacific.

The platform brings together geospatial datasets from the Pacific Data Hub catalogue sourced from SPC's technical divisions and its member countries. Data is also sourced from a number of development partners and other publically available sources which provide spatial data from the Pacific.

Use the interactive features of the PacificMap platform to produce maps and create compelling impact stories. From remote-sensed geospatial to statistical time series data, PacificMap enables the analysis of public and private geospatial data at global, regional, national and subnational data.

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