User Guide

Entry point for documented census and survey datasets, and access to microdata

For an introduction on how to use the Microdata Library see this video :

Access the Microdata Library

Directly via Microdata Library URL

The Microdata Library is accessible using the following URL:

From the Data Catalogue

The application is also accessible in several ways from the Data Catalogue:

A link is available from the "Tools" menu:

PDH Data Catalogue entries have a link to visualize the data at its source (Microdata Library):

Find studies using the Microdata Library Central Catalog

The Microdata Library Central Data Catalog allows users to search for published studies (censuses and surveys).

A keyword search returns datasets containing the given keyword(s) in titles and descriptions. The variable description can also be used to search in more detail.

From the Pacific Data Hub Data Calalogue

The Microdata Library is registered in the Data Catalogue and can also be found using its various different functionnalities. For more information see dedicated section on the use of the Data Catalogue.

Explore a study

Study Description - details all components of a study (census or survey) from identification to metadata production.

Documentation - provides access to questionnaires, reports, technical documents etc.

Data Description - provides a full listing of all datasets and variables created as part of the study.

Clicking on a data file provides a listing of all variables. Clicking on a variable then displays a profile of that variables' responses.

Access microdata

To access microdata (where available), create an account and then follow the data request instructions

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